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Catalur seeks attractive, uncorrelated investment opportunities globally

Our approach is defined by our unwavering focus on opportunities that we believe many of our peers do not pursue due to firm size or complexity. We believe this allows us to be nimble, flexible and always focus on investing where risk-adjusted returns are most favorable.

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Fundamental, Event-Driven, Uncorrelated

Our public investments focus on credit and special situation equity opportunities, both long and short, where we have identified one or more uncorrelated catalysts that we believe will drive returns.

We prefer to invest in inefficient segments of the market which are often in middle-market credits or idiosyncratic issues within larger, more complex capital structures. In both instances, we like to go where others tread less.

We aim to generate equity-like returns with low volatility and a laser-like focus on downside protection.

Examples of such event-driven opportunities include:

  • Capital structure mispricing

  • Distressed corporate debt

  • Process-oriented investments

  • Restructured equity 

  • Deep-value investments

  • Litigation finance

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Catalur's senior investment professionals have invested billions of dollars over their careers in public and private opportunities defined by fundamental research and a replicable investment process which is based on the following four principles

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Uncovering Opportunities

We rely on two channels to source ideas: a wide network of specialist advisors, management teams, and operating partners; and a machine learning-based screening tool that is designed to uncover opportunities with idiosyncratic catalysts.

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Deep Research

We apply a fundamental, bottoms-up approach to our research process, which takes into account business and valuation factors, legal and structural issues, as well as process considerations that impact our investments.

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Catalyst Focus

We aim to find investment opportunities where returns are driven by specific catalysts, including those which we may at time be involved in influencing. We believe this approach reduces market correlation in our portfolio.

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Risk Management

Risk management and mitigation starts with our underwriting process and fundamental research and includes a focus on portfolio diversification and construction, and a proactive hedging and shorting strategy.

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Partnership, Providing Solutions, Opportunistic

Our direct deals and co-investments focus on two areas. First, providing capital to lower middle market businesses that are underserved. Second, niche capital opportunities such as litigation finance and asset financing.

Direct deals often derive from or are related to our investments in the public credit space.

Focus is on opportunities that are often neglected due to their size or complexity. 

Examples of opportunistic credit and special situations deals include:

  • M&A financing 

  • Venture financing 

  • Litigation funding 

  • Asset-based lending 

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